JE124 Earrings
JE128 Earrings
J168 Earrings
JE 119 Earrings
EJE1024 12K Gold-filled Earrings
EJE1123 Ursa Major and Minor Earrings
EJE1119 Large Red and Black Amphora Earrings
JE new 1.jpg
JE Branco e Preto.jpg
EJE1033 Oval Tomato Studs n
EJE1017 Round Turquoise Studs
EJE1015 Orange Pumping Round Studs
EJE1130 Blue and Red Studs
EJE1018 Royal Blue Studs
EJJ1019 Tomato Red Studs
EJE1130 Yellow Caramel Round Studs
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