Ancient Energy and the relativity of time

 “I am passionate about ancient civilizations and the relativity of space-time fascinates me. As a former clinical psychologist, I have always been amazed by witnessing my clients perception of space and time being consistently transformed by their psychological processes. As an artist, the daily experience with this relativity during my creative flows inspired me to create several series of encaustic sculptural reliefs dedicated to the concept of memory. The “Brides of Herculaneum", the “ Pompeii” and the “Akrotiri” series are groups of artworks based on the events that happened in the ancient Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum in 79AD and in the isle of Santorini in 3600BC. My intention was to explore artistically the idea of how ancient energy charges our modern imaginarium and, thus, creates a bridge in time. Here I worked with encaustic, a beeswax-based ancient technique that is historically related to memory, and clear resin, a modern petroleum-based material that, for me, is the opposite of encaustic, and yet can protect it, making it last even longer. These materials bring a sense of the passage of time to the silent archeology of lines and colors created on the surface of these reliefs. And also, on the wearable art inspired by them. I invite you, the viewer, to dig into these layers of material and feel how, in art, as well as in our psyche, the here-and-now might be the there-and-then, the past might be the present, the present the future, the past might be the future, or else, everything can simply standstill." SLR, 2018