In The Making: Art, Matter and Inspiration

I feel so fortunate for being able to share with people my passion for art and design! As an artist I am not focused on the idea of perfection, but actually on the possibilities of expression.  My intention is not to control or adapt matter, or better said - the material I am working with, to the concept I have in mind. My aim is to get to know it so well that I am able to create perceptual conditions to highlight its qualities in ways they have never been seen before. 


What fascinates me the most about working with art and wearable art, besides the psychological processes of making and beholding, is the close relationship with matter. Encaustic, leather, resin, bees-wax, silk, metal - all of them unveil a world of unknown incursions to explore. Every piece of art I create tells the story of this journey of discoveries. Art, for me is a type of embodiment in which experience creates matter that creates experience. My wearable art collections of beeswax-based jewelry are the embodiment of this vision.  Explore! 


PB.jpg Artist in the Studio

In the Making

At work in my Minneapolis studio